If you are looking into real estate in Auburn, you either already live here, and you know deep down what a wonderful "town" Auburn is, or you have lucked into the secret that locals already know: once you set down roots in Auburn, California, you probably will be here for good.

That might sound like an exaggeration, but spend some time here, and you, too, will want to be a local. I often tell people, "this is an eatin-out kinda town." I could just say people here are foodies, but that is not really the case. It's just that we have so many wonderful venues to enjoy, and such a lively and connected community, that it's simply easy to wake up and think, "let's go to breakfast today!" From breakfast venues to wonderful craft breweries, to Thai food and many choices for a custom burrito, Auburn has lively fare.

Perhaps, the need for sustenance is fueled by our many trail runners who enjoy the American River Canyon Trails, and return ready for solid sustenance and a place to interact with other endurance and outdoor enthusiasts. After all, Auburn bills itself as "The Endurance Capital of the World." And, the finish line for several of the famous 100-mile races is right here at the Auburn Fair Grounds. And, until recently, the City of Auburn annually hosted a leg of the Amgen Bike Tour. Our cyclery shops here in town are many.

Auburn's Old Town and the nearby downtown are hubs of activity on any given day of the year. The wonderful town square, (which, technically, is a triangle), features a community fire pit where musicians often set up for the evening, and even some talented buskers can be observed, amazing kids and adults alike. In Old Town, along with at least ten dining venues, you can find jewelers, saddlery, folk art and an art collective and gallery, as well as old-timey gifts and crafts. Another interesting feature is one of the oldest continuously operating post offices in the west. The counter and the boxes appear to be original, and the postmaster himself looks as though he stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

But, along with the history, and the dining, is the spirit of the community itself. Auburn possesses a rich fabric of citizens. It is a community of people who enjoy the experience of a rural lifestyle made even better by the many modern, yet still small-town, amenities here. Living here, you'll find that there are few things you'll need to travel out of town to obtain. If you do find that you need to commute, the drive to bigger cities is only 20-30 minutes away. 

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